Capture Science 中學生科學影片比賽 2013


比賽主題 Theme
今年Capture Science 的主題為《生活中的科學》,目的是展現科學原理及其在生活中的應用。
This year, the theme of Capture Science is “Science in our daily life”, with the aim of showing how the science mechanism works and how it can be applied in our daily life.

參賽資格及規則 Eligibility and regulations
Applicants can form a group of ten students at most, and submit a self-produced English or Cantonese short video clip, with duration of not more than 10 minutes. Applicants are encouraged to include one or more junior form students in the group and bonus mark would be given.

作品規格 Video format
作品片長 Length:不多於10分鐘 not longer than 10 minutes
(越時不被接納 Any video not satisfying the length requirement will not be accepted)
參賽語言 Languages:廣東話或英語 Cantonese or English
Each group is allowed to submit one video only in the following format:
拍攝手法 Media:影片、flash或電腦動畫等方式均可 Video, flash or any type of computer animation
格  式 Format:wmv、mp4、avi、mpeg 或 mov In format of wmv、mp4、avi、mpeg or mov
解 析度 Resolution:720 x 576 或以上 720 x 576 or above

螢幕比例 Ratio:4:3 或 16:9

English subtitles are required for non-English language films

形  式 Submission
Applicants should upload the video along with the introduction form to the FTP space. Details and accounts will be distributed upon registration.

The video must be the original work of the applicant, who holds the related copyrights and intellectual property rights.

The organizer prohibits any applicants’ usage of music, video and other visual or auditory media without the consent of the creator. Offenders will be seriously disqualified.

The organizer will assume no liability from copyright issues related to the submitted works, any offense of such kind is solely the responsibility of the applicant.

其他注意事項 Other notices
The organizer reserves the right to use any entry video for publicity, exhibition and publication purposes.

Judges reserve the right to all final decisions.

The organizers reserve the right to withdraw all awards if any dishonesty is discovered after the competition.

流程 Procedure
Participants are required to register in June 30 through schools and submit on July 13. All entries will be subjected to preliminary review by the organizer. Selected eight groups will be published to the Facebook page and contacted via email or phone. The short-listed groups has to prepare a 15-minute reporting (include video play) at date of the final presentation. The judges will announce the results and awards in the ceremony.

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